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Though not nearly as durable or strong as a vulcanized splice, mechanical splices are still a very popular and effective alternative. Not only does BMS Belt sell the full line of Flexco Mechanical Fasteners, but we also install them onto countless systems.

Mechanical fasteners are an excellent alternative to vulcanized splices when there is little room on the system to use the vulcanizer or for situations where a quick splice is needed to keep the system running when the belt fails.


Benefits of a Mechanical Splice vs. Vulcanized Splice:

  • Easier to install
  • Less Expensive
  • Good for situations where there is  little room to work in
  • Quicker to install than a vulcanized splice
  • Good for situations where there is little belt left in the take up
  • Great for systems that consistantly need to be opened up for system maintenance and cleaning

Disadvantages of a Mechanical Splice vs. Vulcanized splice:

  • Less Durable
  • May be required to be replaced many times over the life of the belt
  • Though initially less expensive than a vulcanized splice, additional downtime, possible catastrophic failure, extra labor and materials could end up costing considerably more in the long run
  • Possible damage to the skirt rubber from the steel rubbing against the rubber
  • Belt cleaners are less effective because the have to be backed off so as not to damage the blade
  • More wear and replacement of the belt cleaners blades.
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