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A vulcanized splice is easily the best and strongest splice available in the industry. In basic terms, a vulcanized splice is a process in which the ends of the belt are stepped down to the carcass, new fabrics & raw rubber are added, and the belt is "cooked" at specific temperatures, pressures, and time in a piece of equipment called a vulcanizer. When done, the belt is considered "endless" much like the fan belt in your car.

Vulcanized splicing is an art that requires years of training by our BMS Technicians. We emphasize training both in house, and by the industries leading manufactures. Our technicians will only do the work according to established procedures even though it may take little longer...we WILL NOT take short cuts because we know that doing it right the first time will ensure that we exceed our customers expectations. Quality work is the reason that BMS Belt has been one of the industries leaders in this skill for almost 40 years.

Benefits of a BMS Vulcanized Splice

  • Stronger than any other type of splice
  • Lasts as long as the belt does
  • Trouble free for plant maintenance workers
  • Greatly reduces any downtime caused by mechanical fasteners failing or needing scheduled replacement
  • Is an integral part of the belt--Forms a smooth, virtually invisible joint
  • Belt cleaners can work at maximum potential with out risk of catching
  • Reduces Belt Cleaner blade wear which happens on belts with mechanical fasteners.
  • Reduces system wear by not having metal fasteners possibly causing premature wear on skirt board rubber or idlers

BMS if fullly trained and equipped to splice any type of belt up to 120"wide

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