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conveyor belt


  • RMA #1 - designed for superior resistance to cutting, gouging and general abrasion.
  • RMA #2 - the workhorse of conveyor belt, a general purpose belt used to handle everything from feathers and sand to lead ore and fertilizer.
  • Beltmaster - designed for great flexibility, tremendous adhesion and superb weather resistance.  Used in moderate duty conveyor applications from fines to hunks of clay, gravel, sand, and fertilizer.
  • MOR - Moderately Oil Resistant - a general purpose oil resistant belt widely used in the vegetable market.  For handling pine chips, cracked corn, soybeans and other oily materials.
  • MSHA/Nitrile Coal & Grain - this flame-out, oil resistant belt is standard for grain elevators and utilities that handle oil associated products where explosion and file are always a threat.
  • MSHA/SBR Coal Belt - (above ground) will withstand arid climate, high altitude, strong sunlight, ultra-violet rays and hot temperatures
  • MSHA/SBR Coal Belt - (underground) this belt has special materials added to cause the belt to be self extinguishing when any flame is removed.  It will not support combustion by itself.
  • Asphalt Belt-Nitrile - 100% all-Nitrile polymer conveyor belt that can stand the strain of high temperature and petroleum saturation in hot asphalt service.
  • Hyflex Conveyor Belt - designed precisely to stand very high abrasion and remain highly flexible over a wide temperature range.  Used in handling ores, sands, powders and fines, especially gold and silver ores.
  • PriceCleat Belt - a popular belt - can be made in slabs and slit to desired width, preserving the entire pattern.  This belt ma be run in either direction, to carry a material up an incline, or to allow proper drainage if run in the opposite direction.
  • 400° F. Chlorobutyl - all-chlorobutyl compound to handle temperatures not manageable by other elastomers.  Used for handling hot foundry castings, hot cement manufacturing, or hot sand drying conveyor systems.  Suitable for conveyors and elevators
  • Waste Treatment - used where sewerage, animal waste, oils, fats, tars and sludge are moved in volume.  A popular belt used by major municipalities and industrial plants with disposal problems.
  • Alumina Belt - designed to retard drying out of cover stock and extend belt life from abrasion and weathering common in the Aluminum industry.
  • Polar Bear/Low Temperature - for use in the far north to provide flexibility at temperatures well below zero.  This compound will serve at minus 80° F.  No other belt will remain usable at such low temperatures.
  • 300° F. SBR - extra antioxidant in the normal #2 SBR belt stock will turn it into a heat resistant compound that will take temperatures as high as 300° F.  A low cost compound that will improve a product used in moderate temperatures or difficult weather conditions where normal compounds give short life.
  • #2 SBR Chute Lining/Skirt Board - All chute lining is press-cured in 48" wide slabs in continuous rolls and cut into various widths to form skirt board. Price Rubber makes this material just like making belting, in thickness' up to 2". Available with 1 or 2 ply fabric back.
  • MSHA/SBR Chute Lining/Skirt Board - designated #28-53 by the Mine Safety & Health Administration of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, this grade of Chute Lining is made exactly the same as #2 grade. This grade is used where flame-out material is required.


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