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Belt Repair Materials

Belt Maintenance Systems supplies a wide array of repair materials that can either permanently fix a problem or get the belt repaired well enough to run until there is time to properly fix it. These are actually the same materials that our expert belt technicians trust in field.


Rema Tip Top “Goo”

Is a two-part mix that requires no hand mixing and is applied with a Rema Gun manual dispenser. This material is a flexible polyurethane that remains flexible and has a 60-65 Durometer hardness that allows for a wear rate similar to the conveyor belt. This is ideal for common types of conveyor belt damage such as cuts, gouges, and small holes. Also, once cured, it can be buffed smooth for better cleaning from the belt cleaner.





An extremely cost effective belt repair material. E-6000 provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics makes it a universal vehicle maintenance and repair solution. Also, because it's self-leveling it will not get caught on your belt scraper.



Just like E-6000, this is an extremely cost effective belt repair material. It has all of the strength and adhesive properties of E-6000, but the E-6100 is the non-sag formulation that won't slump or run and allows for maximum control when being used for overhead and vertical use.


Rema T2 Compound Repair

We can offer this whole package but generally speaking, due to the high costs of theequipment needed for this material; BMS Technicians generally perform this type of repair. The T2 is a long-term fix for top cover and bottom cover damage. It is excellent for repairs along joints, seams, gaps, tears, and gouges. It cures up at shore 60 and can immediately be put back into service.

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